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Iain Valliere vs Blessing Awodibu

Beef amongst top bodybuilders is not at all an uncommon sight, yet the one of Iain Valliere vs Blessing Awodibu seems to be outgrowing in phases! While competing in a healthy way, using integrity and honor as qualities of the competition, the rivalry of Blessing Awodibu and Iain Valliere seems to be making a mess in an unhealthy manner.

The countdown until 2022 Mr. Olympia has begun, and the above-mentioned bodybuilder’s of the men’s open category have tied themselves in a heated rivalry.

Recently, Awodibu promised to whoop Valliere’s ass at Olympia after the two discussed size versus aesthetics in bodybuilding. This was witnessed by the entire bodybuilding fans In a video featured on the Olympia TV YouTube channel.

Blessing Awodibu, represents aesthetics with sharp conditioning and a thin waist, who made his Men’s Open debut by securing the third place at the 2021 Indy Pro.

On the otherhand, Iain Valliere quickly rose to prominence in the Open class. His impressive size accompanied by a grainy detail has always been the hit targets for his fans.

Valliere believes size beats aesthetics ‘nine out of 10 times.’ On the other hand, “The Boogieman” believes bodybuilders with size also had aesthetics in the past.

This very difference of considering the aesthetics at one point and size on the other has put forward a heated discussion. Which feature shall define a top class body builder remains the question. In this very run, these two top bodybuilders aren’t ready to consider each other worthy, triggering online insults from both the parties.

The game of bodybuilding through its various phases of transformation, has witnessed perspectives pop up, at times supporting, at times conflicting.

The Blessing Awodibu vs Iain Valliere has gone extremely far. Awodibu says he’s determined to defeat Iain at the Olympia after the Open bodybuilder kicked him while he was down after losing in New York last year.

An excerpt of his comment that was published although the print media is attached below, this definitely explains the unhealthy game going on in a better way –

“Listen, all these guys, all these guys talk. Actually, Iain, you know, people think I’m like bullying you but I’m not bullying you bro. You jumped on my case last year. When I was down, you kicked me bro. Everybody was making fun of me and you were right at the very front of it.

“I’m just telling you, you’re going to get smoked at the Olympia. All you guys that called me an Instagram bodybuilder, I’m competing to prove all of you guys wrong. You guys are going to make excuses bro.” Blessing told Iain.

Iain didn’t mince words, he believes Blessing is chasing him. Before ending the conversation, Iain was found quoting the following statement – ” I have no doubt that me at my best can compete with anybody in the world. I think Blessing is on a track to be there, but I don’t think he’s there yet. I think he’s in a category with Andrew Jacked, where there is still gaps in his physique, that when he stands on stage with the best bodybuilders in the world, will be much more exposed”.

If this Blessing Awodibu vs Iain Valliere continues till the end of the years, no matter the negatives, Mr. Olympia 2022 will be a bag full of surprises. Netizens shall be waiting finger crossed for it.

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