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How to lose belly fat while building muscles?

Is it possible to add muscles while burning belly fat? Online posts about fitness and bodybuilding are geared toward men and say they need to bulk up if they want to enhance their muscular tissue.

But a huge of mens and women have no desire to determine the scale to go up while raising the lean mass. It is suggested to fuel your body with sufficient calories from carbs, proteins, and fats if you want to grow your muscles.

You must also perform a mixture of resistance training with high cardio intensity to improve the results. In this article, we will tell you about the many effective techniques that help you burn fat while building muscles. Let’s start first with the basic technique.

1. Eat enough calories

If you want to build your muscles while burning fat, then it is suggested to consume enough calories. You have to eat moderate calories to add to the muscles while releasing or burning the fat from storage.

Remember that you are not on a diet. You have to try to raise the muscular tissue while burning stored belly fat. All you need to have is maintain the proper balance between the calories and the macronutrients to fuel the fat and build the muscles.

2. Push protein consumption

If you consume plenty of proteins, then it will help to protect your muscular tissues from breakdown. This is because when amino acids exist in your body system, it automatically senses that it does not require breaking down the muscular tissue to harvest them.

So never avoid consuming the proteins. On the contrary, increasing the number of proteins daily is suggested. It will also positively impact your muscular tissue body, similar to the calories.

3. Focus on muscle gain, not on fat loss

It is unsuitable for muscular gain if you spend your time on endless circuit training. Rather than it, it is suggested to must focus on integrated compound movements, such as deadlifts, presses, squats, and rows. These type of moves permits you to lift the weight and stimulate the total muscular mass possible, and this is the reason why this technique is the foundation of every workout.

You have to focus on increasing the weight when you have the time to aim for the 5-8 reps per set. You can also opt for the higher rep training, but it will be challenging for you to complete with the 15-20 reps. Incorporating the combination of resistance training along with repetition training is considered the best method to gain the muscles.

4. Utilize cardio to burn fat

Join a long session of cardio is a major mistake made by people while burning belly fat. This is work for burning calories, but it can also turn into a caloric deficit where your body starts to burn the muscle tissue over the burning fat.

Rather than it, if you want to aim for the combo of muscles and leanness, then it is suggested to get high-intensity interval training as the primary form of cardio. It has been determined that this training helps you to preserve the muscular mass and increase the fat by using the fuel.

5. Cut the carbs

It is suggested to consume most carbs two hours before and right after the workout if they benefit and suit your body. The remaining carbohydrates whole in the day should have come from the high-fiber vegetables. It will help you to keep the energy and work to stave off hunger.

It is suggested that the first start to aim with the 1.5 grams of carbs on every pound of body weight in the day. The amount of exercise you do during the day also impacts this. If there are non-training days, you should consider dropping the carbs to 0.75 to 1.0 grams per pound.

6. Consume healthy food

Every gram of fat will increase every pound of body weight. Ensure that you consume a variety of sources to get the many benefits by consuming the several types of healthy fats they offer.


This article covers all the details related to the techniques that help you to burn belly fat, even if you are building muscles. However, the above six techniques are really beneficial for you if you burn your fat without any effects on your muscles.

Following all the above techniques is suggested if you also want to do the same. Was this article beneficial for you? Never forget to share your feedbacks, on what you learn from this article.  

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