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These are the Top 10 Strongest Bodybuilders of All Time

Bodybuilding is passion and people have created history in this field. There are many big names who are all time favorite for the bodybuilding. From the ancient times people have shown their craze and passion in this particular field. Some people took this sport as a passion and created golden history. It is not a easy job to make a great physique because you will have to work out hard in the gym regularly. Every day you will have to spend several hours in the gym to attain good shapes and muscles. Many people who were dedicated to this sport and attained great physiques. Here we are going to talk about some of the legends who have created history in the field of bodybuilding.

1. Flex Wheeler

This person attained seventeen prestigious titles one after one. Flex made his body with great efforts and hard work. His name is not new in the world of bodybuilding. He won many applauds and medals during his career. He has to work very hard to achieve this position and rank.

2. Ronnie Coleman

Ronnie Coleman won the most prestigious title Mr. Olympia and attained great proud for his country. Ronnie won fame and name in the whole world just because of his great body.

3. Frank Zane

Sensation in the world of bodybuilding Frank Zane attained a very great physique by working hard. From the early age he was dedicated to this sport and put all his efforts. His physique is among the top physiques of the world. He was very sincere towards this sport and his hard efforts paid him well. He earned great fan following throughout the world.

4. Dorian Yates

Dorian Yates is Very famous name in the field of bodybuilding. This guy created golden history in the field of bodybuilding. He attained a great body and curves. His body is one of the best physiques during that time. Many people from all over the world follow his daily routine and workout schedule. He is the role model for many peoples.

5. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold, who has worked for Hollywood in several movies, just because of his killer body. He made good size muscles and created great name in the field of bodybuilding. Many people from the other countries also present in his fan following. He appeared in many Hollywood movies and created trend of bodybuilding in the film industry also.

6. Phil Heath

He started bodybuilding in the year of 2002 and made his debut for the competitions in the year of 2006. This legend bodybuilder won seven times back to back the title of Mr. Olympia and created history in this field. Phil has got a very perfect body his tiny waist and great abs gives a great looks. Just because of his tiny waist and great muscle size makes the best body in the world. He is very much famous among the people because of his body and looks.

7. Shawn Ray

Shawn Ray is one of the most famous bodybuilders in the world. He won many medals and fame among the people. His firmed and strong body has attained huge fan following. Many people from all over the world are fan of his muscular size. To attain the body like Shawn Ray is not a easy task you will have to work very hard for several years to build such kind of body. From the very beginning Shawn was very much dedicated to his body work out. He uses to work out in the gym for several hours.

8. Bob Paris

Bob is also known as the great rival of Frank Zane. He was the very famous bodybuilder who has made space in the heart of his fans. Very hard working and dedicated bodybuilder. Bob created a history in the field of bodybuilding. Bob has dedicated his whole life for this sport and won the hearts of the people.

9. Steve Reeves

Steve Reeves who worked in the Hollywood movie Hercules. He is a star bodybuilder who also created history in the world of Hollywood. This gentleman has got very good looks and made efforts to create a great body. His body won fame and name in the whole world. Steve was one of the most famous names in the Hollywood after the Arnold. In the all movies he won applauds from the people from all over the world.

10. Lee Haney

Lee Haney was the only bodybuilder who won the title of Mr. Olympia for the eight consecutive times. He has taken part in many bodybuilding competitions and won proud for his country. His hard efforts marked his name in the history. Lee uses to spend several hours in the gym. He was very dedicated and sincere for the bodybuilding. He followed every tip of his trainer. His great size of muscles attained attention of the people. He enjoyed a great fan following. From the childhood he had a great craze for the sports and in the teenage he chooses bodybuilding as a career. From the very early age he was very much dedicated and sincere for the bodybuilding. He worked very hard to make his body.

In the world of bodybuilding many names appeared one after one and some of the icons created history in this particular sport. In the present time also people are very much favorable for this sport. For this sport you will have to work hard and this sport will take care for your health also. Many health conscious people are following this passion of bodybuilding. Bodybuilding is a very great sport and you can keep vigil on your health also. Now ladies are also taking part in this sport and many big women bodybuilding competitions are arranged in the all over the world. Women from every country take part in the bodybuilding championships.

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