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What is Ronnie Coleman doing Now and What Happened to Him?

Ronnie Coleman Biography

26 most prestigious awards winner in the field of bodybuilding the Ronnie dean Coleman is American born professional bodybuilder. Ronnie Coleman is very famous name in this field of bodybuilding. Many people from over the entire world are present in his fan following. He is having a stunning body for which he won many great awards and attained huge fames for his country. Ronnie was born on 13th May in the year of 1964. He is a great legend who won the title of Olympia champ for the eight times continuously. He has made great efforts in the field of bodybuilding and created history. His name is very much famous among the body building freaks and many people follow his workout routine. Check here Ronnie Coleman Workout Routine

Titles and Awards

  • 1990 – Mr. Texas
  • 1991 – “World Championship in Bodybuilding in Heavyweight”
  • 1997, 2003 – “Grand Prix of Russia”
  • 1998 – 2005 “Mr. Olympia”
  • 1998 – The German Grand Prix
  • 1998 – The Grand Prix of Finland
  • 1999, 2000 – “World Professional Championships”
  • 2001 – Arnold Classic
  • 2001 – Grand Prix of New Zealand
  • 2002, 2004 – “Grand Prix of the Netherlands”
  • 2000, 2004 – “Grand Prix of England”

Ronnie Coleman Now (2021)

He created a history after winning 26 awards of IFBB. In the year of 2018 Ronnie Coleman met with an accident and gone through a back surgery. After the surgery many people were sad after seeing his physique but in the year of 2021 he came back to his shape again. At the present time he appears fit and in great shape again. Many things changed when he was hospitalized and he also was feeling depressed as he has to left the work out for a long time. But with the time everything was on the right track and now Ronnie is again working hard.

Ronnie Coleman Talks Steroid Use with Joe Rogan

Ronnie is also training the bodybuilders to take part in the Olympia champ. It is sure that he will make some of the bodybuilders to make a great career. Recently Ronnie Coleman revealed everything about his journey after the surgery in the interview with Joe Rogan. He told him all the heart touching stories about his hard journey after the surgery. Ronnie Coleman told that how hardly he regained his energy and physique after the surgery. He said he was shattered down just because of that incidents but the love of the people encouraged for the comeback.


In most of the body building competitions his weight remained in between 130 to 136 pounds. Ronnie revealed about his food that he consumed around one pound of grilled chicken and a cup of boiled rice in one meal. He also told that he take six such meals in one whole day. He also consumes healthy juices as the starters of the meals.

After beaten for the four times by the Jay Cutler he was able to win the first title of Olympia champ. Ronnie also stated that he has seen many ups and downs in his career but at last he was able to touch the skies. He told that the hard work and the dedication of the person can open all the gates of success for everyone. Just focusing on your goal and never concentrates on the negative issues. Just try to overcome all the issued with your will power and hard work. You can achieve your goals by neglecting negativity and by possessing positivity around you every time.

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