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Nick Walker’s Secret Workout Routine, Daily Diet Plans for 2022

Nick Walker is one of the famous names in world of bodybuilding. He belongs to America and won too much fame for his country. Now a day’s body building has become very famous among the people. Every person wishes to attain a great personality which cannot be possible without good curves and muscles of the body. People are now adding gym workout in their daily schedule and following the guidelines of their trainers and dieticians. Now it is very common that every person spends hours in the gym and works hard to build up a good body. The person with the good physique is appreciated by everyone. Nick walker who is a professional bodybuilder and who created history in this field is still the sensation among the people in all over the world. Many bodybuilding freaks follows him and wishes to be like him. He is role model for many people just because of his great body curves and muscles size.

Nick Walker Arnold Classic Winner 2021

Nick Walker Bodybuilder

Here we are going to disclose some secrets of the Nick Walker workout and diet by which you can take advantages. By following his routine you will be able to transform your physique in a very short time period and in a proper manner. Check here Nick Walker Transformation

This very young bodybuilder recently has won the title of Arnold classics in the year of 2021. Nick Walker was born on 23th of January in the year of 1990. He is just 26 years old and his weight is 290 pounds. In the just age of seventeen he won the American body building championship and after that he never looked back. And now this Arnold classic winner has won many other titles also.

Nick walker workout plan for the whole week:

Nick Walker Workout Routine

Day 1

For the first day of the week he works out for his chest.

Bench presses for which the bodybuilder has to lay on the bench and his feet are touching the floor. In this position he raises the weight rods with the help of his arms. There are different types of bench presses some of them are described below:

Incline bench presses

For the Incline Bench press bodybuilder sets up his bench in the angle of 45 degree and lifts the weight by lying on the bench.

Decline Bench presses

For Decline bench presses the bench of the bodybuilder is settled in the angle of 25 to 30 degree and after laying on it he has to lift the weight.

Dumbbell Bench presses

Peck Decks etc.

Day 2

2nd day of the week is to work out for the back that includes the given exercises:

Lat pull downs

Dead lift exercise

Bodybuilder lifts the bar with the weight from the ground up to his hips again and again.

Dumbbell rowing

To strengthen your middle back and it is also beneficial for the shoulders and the biceps.

T-bar rowing and Dumbbell rowing

Shapes up the upper body and gives strength to the muscles.

Seated cable rowing and Bent over Bar bell rowing

Day 3

  • This day is to work out for Biceps. For this exercise the bodybuilder has to stand with the apart feet and has to lift the EZ bar from the ground by bending his hips.
  • After that Dumbbell curls also performed for the biceps.
  • Hammer curls are done for the biceps and the forearms.
  • Preacher Curls are performed by lifting the weight bars in the sitting position by the bodybuilders.
  • Concentration is similar but it is performed by using single arm. You have to lift the Dumbbell from the Height of your thighs in the sitting position.

Day 4

This day is for working out for the shoulders:

Barbell press.

Dumbbell press.

Raising cable with single hand.

Dumbbell rising at the front.

Day 5

On the fifth day of the week work out is done for the legs which include:


Leg presses.

Leg extension.

Leg curls.


Day 6

6TH day to work out for the triceps:

Dumbbell triceps extensions.

Pulley push downs.

Double hand triceps extensions.

Dumbbell kick back.

Barbell extension.

Nick walker diet plan

Nick walker, strictly follows the instructions of his trainer and dietician and take six meals in a day. In every meal he takes healthy food stuff to gain energy and to fulfill the needs of his body. He is very strict about his food habits and rarely cheats. Here we are going to tell you about all the six meals that he takes in the whole day:

Nick Walker Diet Plan

Nick Walker diet

Meal 1

In the first meal Nick walker eats about 225 grams of Oats and five Eggs without yolks. His Oats diet is very rich with liquid material so it can be digested easily and fast.

Meal 2

In his second meal he takes 170 grams of chicken wings with 5 Oz brown rice.

Meal 3

For the third meal he is keen to take 250 grams of Beef with 200 grams of brown rice.

Meal 4

His fourth meal includes 250 grams of Tuna fish with one bowl of brown fish.

Meal 5

In the fifth meal he eats 170 grams of chicken breast with 200 grams of brown rice.

Meal 6

For the sixth meal he is fond of eating Salmon fish with 170 grams of brown rice.

The diet plan of Nick walker the world famous bodybuilder will help you in many ways. You can also follow this meal plan and can gain very good body b following his workout schedule. Many people are fond of the physique of Nick walker and wish to attain the same shapes. Only the dedication and hard work of the person can help him in achieving this goal. In the same process you will have to take care of in taking unhealthy food and junk food. You will have to be very strict about your eating habits. Always follow the guidelines of the experts as they are guiding you and never try to skip even a single step if you are willing to get desirable results.  

Nick walker follows his schedule very faithfully and sincerely so he is able to keep such a great and fit body. You can also follow his footsteps if you are also wishing to look alike Nick walker. The information given in this article will help you in building up great shapes on your body.

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