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Biceps Workout at Home with Dumbells

Give a man a pair of dumbbells and he can do a few sets of curls and massage his biceps.But If the same man is given a plan along with the dumbells, then he can reshape his entire body.

This four-week training plan with four exercises each week guarantees that if you follow it closely. And we really take that literally because the plan is not just about the exercises, sets, and repetitions that you should do, but also about the speed at which you are working to ensure that you maximize your results.

Exercises in the project are made up of supersets where you do back-to-back exercises to keep your muscles tense for as long as possible. This is an effective way to use dumbbells in your workout to remove fat and build lean muscle. Supersets are a difficult way to work, but in a month, when you get a big chest, a set of emerging biceps, large triceps, and abs that eliminates the need for your washing machine, you will be able to.

After choosing your weight, read the guide below which explains how to follow this training plan and how it is structured to be as effective as possible, then gain weight yourself. Let us start this article biceps workout at home with dumbells.

Floor Press

Lie on the floor and hold a dumbbell on your chest and spread your arms in each hand. Lower the weight toward your chest, then pull back firmly to return to the beginning.

Why does lying on the floor keep you in a stable position so that you can try to walk with great difficulty with this movement? The range of motion is smaller than the bench press, so focus on tightening your chest muscles.

Hammer Bent Row

How to hold dumbbells in each hand and place your palms in front of each other. Lean forward, hang your hips, and then keep the weight to yourself, guiding your elbows. Lose weight in a controlled way from the beginning.

Why does this movement hit the vital muscles of your upper back while keeping your upper body straight while exercising your lower back? The use of a hammer grip also hits your arms and improves grip strength.

Concluding Thoughts

Therefore, we conclude this article biceps workout at home with dumbells in hope that you liked this article. At the end, we would just like to remind you to train in moderation. We hope our article was helpful.

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