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Best Biceps Workout in Home Routine in 2021

Want Avenger’s biceps (at least apparently, if not bulky like Avenger’s Hulk) without going to the gym?

The same thing. That’s why we tapped Brendan Adams in the SweatZone and Justin Fauci in Caliber Fitness to reveal their secrets to making rock-solid biceps. As certified personal trainers, they know how to build and gain muscle and how to get the most out of it without harming themselves (or by ripping their clothes Hulk style). So, without further ado, let’s take a look at biceps workout in home:

1. Grocery Bag/Backpack Curl

For this exercise, you will need a strong grocery bag (double or triple) or heavy luggage such as canned food or a bag full of books.

Hold the bag or backpack by the handle. Slowly bend your elbow to bring the bag to shoulder level, then lower it. Stay in control and make sure you don’t start swinging your arm.

Repeat 12-15 times per arm for 1 set.

2. Broomstick Curl

Take a strong broom and hang a heavy bag on each side. Hold the broom with both hands and bend your elbows to bring it to shoulder level and slowly bring it down.

Do 12-15 reps for 1 set.

3. Inverted Row

It’s a little difficult. You already need your strong broom with two sturdy, sturdy dining room chairs. Place a broomstick on the seat of the two chairs so that there is space between the chairs so that you can lie down under the broom.

Lie on the floor under the bar and use your arms to stretch your body so that only your heels touch the floor.

Repeat 5-10 times for 1 set.

4. Banded Curl

Place a resistance band on the floor and stand on it with your legs shoulder width apart. Hold one end of the ribbon in each hand, facing the palms.

Bend your elbows and slowly raise the heads of the band. Then return to the starting position and stay in control of the whole movement.

Do 12-15 reps for 1 set.

5. Barbell Biceps Curl

Hold a barbell or your broom with a two-weight bag. Hold it with both hands (fingers up)

Slowly bend your elbows up and then lower your back, control movement, and be careful not to swing the bell.

Repeat 12-15 times for 1 set.

Hence, we conclude our article biceps workout in home. We hope you found it helpful!!

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