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The Rock 1996 Movie Review and Summary

“The Rock” is a first-class slam bang action thriller with a lot of style and not a bit of humor. It’s made up of pieces from other movies, yes, and not much about it is really new, but every element is shining with love. There are 3 amazing characters: First one is: Sean Connery Mason,who happens to be an intelligence expert, in prison for 30 years. Nicholas Cage is Good Speed, an FBI scientist, and Ed Harris is General Hummel, a war hero who has a crazy plan to fight a chemical war against San Francisco. Let us take a look at The Rock 1996 Movie Review and Summary.

The plot is a mission to break the hook in Alcatraz. Harris and his men seized the former prison island, took civilians hostage and threatened to fire deadly missiles at San Francisco if their demands were not met. What are the demands? Hummel, who owns three Purple Hearts, two Silver Stars and a Medal of Honor, is concerned that 83 people have died under his command and has never been recognized by the government on covert missions. He plans to pay $100 million to his relatives.

Movies like “The Rock” go from one action scene to the next. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how they go together. Mason, for example, thought of turning his haircut into an opportunity to hang one of his old enemies on a wire from the top floor of a hotel. And the road that leads to the “Bullet” follows the San Francisco Street car that causes the crash, as in the sensational “The Fugitive.” Oddly enough, after all the escape attempts, Mason allows himself to almost passively recapture the pass – perhaps because there is no movie until he joins the team. It is also strange that when “The Rock” has unlimited action time, it is never so slow that it can be considered an essential scene in which Mason explains it with this project. Why it should go so long. (It has a purpose, well – her only child is in San Francisco and may be one of the victims of the poisoning. The film did not bother to tell her formally about the poisoning at the time. “Escape from Alcatraz”, 1979 Clint Eastwood film. While he was walking in the dark under the Alcatraz in the dark barking, “The Rock” Alcatraz presents an underground maze that is as big and well-lit as gutters from man and “Alien” movies like props and unknown metal machines.

When you watch “The Rock” you get hooked and really anticipate what is about to come. You may feel crazy to get caught up in it later, but that’s part of it.

Hence, this wraps up The Rock 1996 Movie Review and Summary. We sincerely hope you liked it!!

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