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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Ultimate Shoulder and Arms Workout

Arnold Schwarzenegger Profile

Arnold Schwarzenegger is not a new name in the world bodybuilding. He is very famous bodybuilder, businessman, actor, trainer and politician also. He is serving as the governor for California. He is the one of the most popular bodybuilder of his time and many people from all over the world are present in his fan following. His massive shoulder and arm sizes have amazed people and his dashing looks are really awesome. He has given many big films to Hollywood and earned great fame in the whole world. There is a hard work behind his great success. He is the person who has worked too hard in the gym and ground. Arnold has attained a very great body and muscles size. His good height and looks are very mush famous in the world. He worked for the legendary movie Terminator and got huge applauds for his looks and body.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Massive Shoulder and Arm

Arnold Schwarzenegger Personal Life/Biography

From the age of fifteen years Arnold started weight lifting. He was born on 30th of July in the year of 1947. He worked too hard to make his body and won many big titles. He also worked in a documentary film on body building pumping iron. At the age of just twenty he won the title of Mr. Universe which was a very big achievement and after that he never looked back and won many other prestigious world bodybuilding championships. Arnold also won the title of Mr. Olympia for seven consecutive times. His body was considered among the best physiques of the world. Arnold is a great writer also and he has written book with the name of Arnold sports festival which was a bestselling in the whole world. Arnold sports festival is one of the biggest events in the field of body building after the Mr. Olympia. Arnold also won as the Republican candidate in the year of 2003 after defeating Gray Davis. Arnold was married to the niece of President in the year of 1986 with Maria Shriver. But in the year of 2011 they both were separated from each other each other and got legal divorce in 2017.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Awards & Achievements

In the year of 1997 Arnold admitted to have a child from his House maid so all the situation occurred. After that incident Arnold became active in the Politics. He is the most admired politician among the people. He born in Austria and his father was in Police. Arnold has also worked as the military police man during the world war-II. Arnold was having a middle class family and at that time money was a problem for the whole family. In the school he was an average student but active in the sports. Arnold has a good nature and charming personality. Father of Arnold inspired him to become a body builder and always supported him. In the year of 1971 the brother of Arnold died in a car mishap.

Arnold with his best friend Franco Columbu

Arnold’s Ultimate Shoulder and Arms Workout

Many people from all over the world wishes to be the next Arnold but you will be amaze to know his hard workout. He attempts several sets to train his muscles. He spends good amount of time in the Gym and ground as well. This bodybuilder has worked very hard on his shoulders and arms. He got a great shoulders and arms which attracts everyone. If you are also wishing to follow Arnold workout schedule then you must be aware with the principals of Arnold also. In this article we are going to discuss some of the most important tips that Arnold followed during the work put sessions in the gym.

  • During the early session of Gym when energy is at the peak Arnold performed bench presses and upright rows. He also consumed Mass builder at that time.
  • He also followed the exercise with Dumbbell and iron rods to give stress on his muscles. He also uses to do warm up session for sometime before starting the workout.
  • During that time Arnold barbell press was very much famous among the bodybuilding freaks. For that a person has to raise weight up to the level of his face and when your hands are opposite to your eyes he has to turn his wrist.
  • Arnold got mountain peak look alike muscle by doing 20 sets of each, barbell curl in the standing position, Bench Dumbbell curl.
  • Arnold was also prone to Concentration curls, Preacher curls and alternate Dumbbell curls.
  • Arnold has got a very firmed and good sized chest. His biceps and triceps work out is very sweating so it is not easy for everyone to follow that. To attain the similar body to Arnold you will have to be hardworking and sincere to the work out.
  • Arnold uses to give extra repeats to some of the very hard exercises to increase the power of the Muscles and to increase the size of the Muscles.
Arnold Massive Workouts

Many people now a day’s depends on the food supplements to make their body but in the earlier days bodybuilders follows good diet plans to fulfill the body needs. Power and Mass both are the main requirements of the body and equally important to the work out. Check here Mass Gaining Diet That Arnold Used

You must have to follow a proper diet chart according to needs of your body to attain a good body. In the year of 1967 Arnold lifted a stone that was weighing 240 kg in between his legs. After that he participated in many weight lifting championships and bodybuilding competitions. Arnold used steroids to keep the size of muscles fine and never used them to increase the muscles. He has stated this in one of the most prestigious magazine.

After some time he got great success in the Hollywood and appeared in many great films. He was a most good looking action hero. His personality and body helped him in getting such a great success. But he also worked very hard to taste the fruit of success. Arnold is very kind by nature and very down to earth personality.

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