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Ronnie Coleman vs Big Ramy

When we compare Ronnie Coleman and Big Ramy it becomes difficult to choose best among them. Where Ronnie is 8 times winner of the title Mr. Olympia and supposed to be the perfect body builder. But it is also hard to forget and avoid the achievements of Big Ramy. Winning the title of Mr. Olympia for the eight consecutive times itself proved that he is the best. The body shape and the muscle size of Ramy is also breath taking. In personally i will say there is no comparison between both of them. Ronnie worked hard on his body and won laurels in the world. This person is having huge fan following throughout the world. The massive size of the fit body of Ronnie is still having fame among the people.

Ronnie Coleman vs Big Ramy

In the world of the body building Ronnie and Big Ramy both are having a great personalities and created history in this specific field. Ronnie has got 375 Ibs weight and Ramy is of 300 Ibs. Ronnie is carrying a little more mass then Ramy this face cannot be denied. It is not important that how much weight a person is carrying the game is all about the muscle size. Both are competitors but speaks very less about each other. It is noticed in the interviews that they both are giving advice to each other on the topic of body building.

 Ronnie Coleman of 2003 and Mamdouh Elssbiay of 2020 (Both Olympia Versions)

Both are known as the mass monsters in the world of body building. Body building is not the game of weight but the most important things are muscle size and power of the person. Both the body builders are great and cannot be compared in any style. Whether any person is having mass or not he can win with the power of the muscles.

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